Steve and Matt to Face-Off in Fuller House Season 2, DJ Regrets Her Decision, And More

Fuller House fans are going to be happy to know that Season 2 of the same has started production since 4th May. The cast members had their first table reading session and they have shared a lot of photos from the same, much to the joy of the fans.

This season is going to be all about DJ (Candace Cameron-Bure) and her choice between Steve Hale (Scott Weinger) and Matt Harmon (John Brotherton).

With John Brotherton becoming a series regular, it was evident that the two men are going to end up being pitted against each other in their attempt to win the love of DJ. Scott Weinger even teased the face-off in Fuller House Season 2 with a photo of him and Harmon.

The cast members shared a lot of photos from the reading session. Brotherton shared a photo of the room from his chair and it showed everyone sitting around what looked like conference hall and busy with their scripts. Photos from the reading session were also shared by Juan Pablo Di Pace and Elias Harger.

While Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber and the others uploaded a photo of their script to herald the beginning of the new season, Scott Weinger tried something new. He shared a photo of him and Brotherton staring at each other and it hits the right cord with the fans of Fuller House Season 2.

Weinger’s Steve and DJ have been together since the days of Full House since they had been high school sweethearts. However, it now looks like there’s some competition coming Steve’s way. Matt Harmon is DJ’s co-worker, who is a veterinarian and he has come out to confess that he has feelings for DJ.

Fuller House Season 1 saw the two go all out to compete for DJ’s love, but she ultimately chose herself from all the mess that they created. Season 2 of Fuller House will see the two men moving on with other women.

There are rumors that Steve hasn’t been able to get over DJ for sure and in an attempt to move on from his high-school sweetheart, he ends up getting himself a girlfriend who is almost the clone of DJ and is coincidentally called CJ. E! Online has made it very clear that the two men aren’t over DJ and that is where the drama will start.

The real drama in Fuller House Season 2 will be surrounding Steve and Matt and their attempts at moving away from DJ. DJ on her part is also going to pretend that she is completely fine with the decision that she has made about not choosing either of them, but it might just backfire on her.

There are speculations that once DJ sees both Steve and Matt with their new girlfriends she might realize whom she genuinely feels for. Candace Cameron-Bure said that this is human tendency.

When they feel like they have lost something, they realize the true value of it. She might rethink on how she has lost out on the man of her dreams and this is something that Fuller House Season 2 is going to deal with.

Netflix had made the fans of the series very happy when it announced the renewal of the series for the second season within a week of Season 1’s finale. While the official date of release hasn’t been revealed yet, John Stamos, who stars in the show and is also the executive producer, has revealed that the wait for the second season isn’t going to be a long one.