Steve and Matt to Face-Off in Fuller House Season 2, DJ Regrets Her Decision, And More

Given the popularity of the show, there is a sort of urgency in completing the season and this will ensure that Season 2 of Fuller House is released a lot sooner than when it was released last year.Stamos went on to state that the series was renewed for the second season in a matter of a day.

Fuller House Season 1 had a very fast prep time for the scripts and hence this time round, the writers had been prepared for the same. Stamos revealed that out of the 13 episodes, the work on 10 of them is completely done. They just have to shoot them and they are set. The writers have been working hard to come up with a great story and they have been doing a brilliant job since the first day.

The original Tanner house from Full House has now become the Fuller House and revolves around DJ Tanner-Fuller, her kids, her family and friends.She has accepted the help of her sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and best friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber). After the death of her firefighter husband, DJ has finally decided to move on and the second season will deal with that.

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