Release Date Rumors for NBA 2K17, Kobe Bryant to Feature on the Legend Edition Cover, More Details!

Gamers already know that NBA 2K17 is coming out later this year. Fans have started wondering about the new features to be introduced in the next installment of the NBA 2K franchise.

Firstly, we should all know exactly when this game is going to release. Unlike most titles, the NBA 2K games have followed an established release pattern till now since they need to keep up with real life NBA seasons. You can expect the game to release around September with a possible 27th September launch date.

Previous installments in the NBA franchise have been released around the same time and the first few days of October were popular targets. This could in fact, turn out to be the new release pattern for upcoming NBA games.

They have already announced that this year’s title will release around September. NBA 2K16 was released on Tuesday, 29th September. You can expect the same thing to happen this year, but instead of the 29th, the game could release on the 27th, a Tuesday.

Further announcements include the player who will be featured on one of the covers for this year’s game. Kobe Bryant, the recently retired Laker will be on the cover of the Legend Edition of this year’s NBA 2K17.

Special Kobe items like trading cards, various digital additions and a poster will be given to gamers who purchase the Legend Edition. It was indicated via a post on the game’s official Facebook account. Meanwhile, the rookies to be drafted in June will be featured on this year’s edition of the famous basketball video game title.

It will also account for the roster moves to be made during this summer. At the same time, NBA 2K fans should hope for a better gaming experience since additional gameplay tweaks and improvements will be introduced as well.

VG247 reported that the announcement on who will adorn the next NBA 2K installment cover, will be made in June, during the “NBA 2K16 Road to the Finals” championship event. It has already been confirmed that the regular edition is presently awaiting its cover star.

In the second bundle version, Black Mamba will be gracing the Legend Edition cover. It is a shout-out to the excellent career of Kobe Bryant and the Legend Edition is already up for pre-orders on various retailers like Amazon Prime, where it is available for a price of $63.99. Two Kobe Panini cards, a Black Mamba game controller skin along with a limited edition Kobe poster will be included with the Legend Edition.

Up to 30,000 Virtual Currency is included as bonuses, #8 Mitchell and Ness jersey, an exclusive MyTEAM bundle and a Kobe hoodie are some in-game items included as bonuses. It is worth noting that the Legend Edition is only available on the present generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.

In the meantime, the regular NBA 2K17 will release on present-generation consoles along with Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. NBA 2K covers have already been graced by Kobe before and most recently, he was featured on NBA 2K10, the 10th anniversary edition.

Kobe definitely heard about NBA 2K17 Legend Edition and said that while he retires from basketball, it is a great way in which fans con continue to celebrate his lifelong career as a Los Angeles Laker.