The Trailer for Scream Season 2 Reveals New Cast Members, Will Emma Become the New Killer? Let’s See

A series based on the iconic film, Scream, was always considered to be fascinating for the fans of the horror genre. However, they had never felt that the series could have captured the attention of the fans longer than a particular season.

The first season of Scream had revealed the identity of the Lakewood murderer and everyone felt that they were safe once again. However, one can never be sure enough when it comes to Scream and the trailer for Season 2 shows just that.

MTV has revealed the trailer for Scream Season 2 and it has become one of the most talked about thing on the internet and the social media. The trailer brings out some of the spoilers from the last season and also shows a gripping insight on what fans can expect in the coming season.

The trailer opens with Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald) back in Lakewood. She can be seen connecting with the friends who have survived the blood bath from Scream Season 1. While the trailer doesn’t throw any light on where Emma had been for all this while, the plot synopsis of Scream Season 2 reveals that Emma has been at a retreat and there is a general sentiment that she was institutionalized.

The trailer of Scream 2 surely couldn’t have delved into the fact that Emma had almost bordered on crazy and had been sent to an asylum to be cured. However, it is likely that Scream Season 2 is going to focus on this issue and give us a glimpse on where and how Emma was and why she has decided to return to Lakewood after all the traumatizing things she had witnessed there in the previous season.

With so many people being murdered in Scream Season 1, there are bound to be new faces in Scream Season 2. While the trailer that has been revealed doesn’t necessarily show all the new cast members who are joining from this season, it does highlight two characters.

Emma is shown talking to a character played by Sean Grandillo. He is going to play the role of Eli, who is the cousin to Emma’s love interest Kieran (Amadeus Serafini).

The trailer also shows Brooke (Carlson Young) talking to Santiago Segura. Segura is going to be coming in to play the role of Gustavo. Gustavo is an artist who is interested in comic books dealing with serial killers and horror.

He is also going to be the son of Sheriff Michael Acosta, played by actor Anthony Ruivivar. Sheriff Michael Acosta has come back to take control of Lakewood at one of the worst times and he is surely going to find his hands full in Season 2 of Scream.

With Emma bordering on lunacy, Design & Trend reports that there is a chance that she might be the prime suspect as the murderer in Season 2 of Scream.

Once the citizens of Lakewood settle down thinking that with the killer ousted in Season 1, the bloody massacre is going to stop, another killer will start killing people.

With Emma herself having thoughts of revenge and having dark dreams at night, there are chances that she has become the killer she had tried so hard to stop. Scream, the movie had never shown the protagonist turn into the murderer and it will be interesting to watch if the series tried that twist in Scream Season 2.