Uncharted 4 Is One of the Best Console Games Released So Far, Uncharted 4K Could Arrive for the Upcoming PS4K Console, And More!

If you love pistols, you will prefer the three round burst pistol which dishes out moderate damage and comes with a medium range. With moderate rate of fire and recoil and good accuracy, this is a side-arm worth considering.

You will find it in Madagascar during Chapter 10. Meanwhile, Pistole is a double-barrel and small-sized sawed off shotgun. With a medium range, this is a semi-automatic type weapon. It has a slow rate of fire but can deal great damage.

You will find it in Scotland in Chapter 8. If you want a powerful Side-Arm, the Flintlock should be right up your alley. It has a medium range but deals a great amount of damage. It has moderate recoil and impressive accuracy but features a slow rate of fire.

This pirate pistol is comparable to the single-barrel sawed off shotgun. You will again find it in Chapter 8, located in Scotland. Now, all of us like using a turret! There is no greater pleasure than holding a button and dishing out a gazillion rounds per minute!

A heavy machine that has medium range, this weapon can deal extremely high damage along with an impressive rate of fire and medium range recoil. The accuracy is somewhat low. You will find it in Scotland during Chapter 8.

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