Uncharted 4 Is One of the Best Console Games Released So Far, Uncharted 4K Could Arrive for the Upcoming PS4K Console, And More!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was released recently and it looks incredibly exciting! The gameplay is smooth, well-polished, features the right dose of adrenaline and the environments are nothing like you ever seen!

Reviews have already started coming in and the results look pretty exciting! Unchartered 4 is one of the highest rated games on PS4 and all consoles of this generation.

This is also the first time that a Sony exclusive title has been released on all consoles and as a result, a lot of people wish to buy a PS4 now. Gamers who own an Xbox or PC have already experienced the cross-platform games from PS4. Uncharted is a great seller and has been included for everyone.

Right now, people are asking whether they should buy a PS4 for Unchartered 4 or wait for the release of PS4K. However, why hasn’t Sony come out with a PS4K already? Keep in mind that these aren’t minor leaks. Reports from Eurogamer, Kotaku and Giant Bomb indicate that complete details of a new and improved PlayStation 4 has been revealed.

This upcoming console will be able to run all future games at a better frame rate and higher resolution, reportedly 4K. This will help out with amazing VR titles and bring out the 4K output. It is surprising how Sony didn’t reveal all their plans and simply confirm the details officially. However, with Unchartered 4 being released, it all seems logical.

If Sony had already announced the release of PS4K, people would have had a tough time deciding whether they should buy a PS4 to play Uncharted 4 now, or wait for the release of PS4K, later during the fall.

The prices of PS4 variants could be slashed if a new console is released. Meanwhile, Unchartered 4 is a visual treat and it can be expected that an Uncharted 4K would be released for PS4K. You never know, PS4K could even arrive bundled with Uncharted 4K.

If you have already started playing Uncharted 4, you probably wish to retrieve the Crash Bandicoot strange relic. There are three different strange relics that you can find in the game and they are available in discreet locations.

If you really want to discover the Crash Bandicoot strange fruit, keep in mind that finding this Wumpa fruit reference is not so difficult. Your golden opportunity will come up during the end of Chapter 21 in Uncharted 4.

You need to go to a cave located at the bottom of a cliff, during the end of the chapter. You must tie your rope to a wooden assembly and rappel down. While hanging, you will notice Avery’s ship as you jump from the ledge, using your rope.

Now, you must notice a darker area underneath. In order to grab hold of the ledge, you need to swing in properly. For jumping perfectly, you need the right angle and simply do your best. Once you reach the ledge, the Strange Relic is all yours.

You will easily notice it from the ground in the cave. An item from Jak And Daxter and another item from The Last of Us are the two other Strange Relics available in the game.

Now, even though we love exploring, a lot of us prefer using a variety of weapons in any game. GUNS GUNS GUNS! Thankfully, a new guide to find out new weapons has been shared by Gamepur.