Goku Decides To Fight Monaka in Dragon Ball Super Episode 42, Beerus Intervene, And More!

Episode 42 of Dragon Ball Super finished recently. The proper saga is expected to start in a couple of weeks and until then; this will act as filler.

We witnessed the end of the multi-verse tournament and Bulma wishes to celebrate it with a party at Capsule Corp. Almost everyone from Universe 7 is invited to the party. Beerus and Whis are included as well.

Bulma also wants Monaka since the latter ended up being the overall winner of the tournament. Meanwhile, the two of them are a bit worried about Monaka coming since they are aware of the fact that Goku wishes to fight him. Monaka is actually a fraud and he is certainly not as strong as everyone thinks he is.

At the same time, Beerus is worried that Omni King will find out the dark truth about his most powerful warrior. Thankfully, everyone attends the party in spite of the worries.

Bulma doesn’t want anyone to miss out due to which she prepared more food than ever. You might remember that Beerus got mad last time when Buu was clearly keeping all the desserts to himself.

In the meantime, Monaka is a delivery boy which means that he actually has a job. Chi Chi always wanted Goku to have a proper job and she appears to be clearly impressed by Monaka because of it. Hercule soon becomes fond of Monaka. He is opening a new gym and wants Monaka to be its new mascot.

Even though they are weak, both of them have won tournaments. This will end up creating a good rapport between the two.

Meanwhile, Krillin suspects whether Monaka is really as powerful as Beerus considers him to be. Piccolo ignores Krillin’s question. Keep in mind that both Piccolo and Vegeta were clearly unimpressed when they saw Monaka.

Monaka has already joined the party but Beerus and Whis are not yet aware of it. Hercule wanted some stuff delivered due to which Monaka decides to join the party early. Beerus reveals Monaka’s truth but doesn’t want anyone to tell Goku about it.

They want Goku to stay motivated by thinking that except a God, there is still someone stronger than him. Goku teleports to the party but has to leave soon since Chi Chi complains about his dirty clothes.

Omni King Zeno talked about a tournament in Episode 41 of Dragon Ball Super. Due to this, Beerus wants Goku to stay absolutely motivated on giving his best shot. It is revealed that all the Gods of Destruction will be present at this tournament. If Universe 7 ends up losing, they are not sure about Earth’s future. Due to this, Goku absolutely needs to win.

In the meantime, Goku returns to the party but as expected, he goes directly to Monaka and asks for a fight. According to Goku’s terms, the fight should be held in a different place, which is far from the party area.

Meanwhile, Beerus decides to appear in a Monaka costume while others keep Goku distracted. Chiaotzu uses his force field in order to separate Monaka and Goku and a solar flare is used by Krillin in order to blind Goku temporarily.

Now we come to the episode’s humorous part where Beerus in the Monaka costume fights Goku. Sadly, the costume breaks soon, Beerus’ purple fist is clearly visible and immediately, his head spins out.