The Latest Update on Quantum Break Rectifies The Minor Glitches, Alanko Talks About The Musical Score, And More

Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break has made quite a mark in the gaming market. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the game and the fans were in anticipation that it would be the big break that Microsoft’s Xbox One has been waiting for.

Sony’s Playstation 4 had all the big names including Uncharted 4, Infamous: Second Son, and Until Dawn. However, in comparison, Xbox wasn’t doing well enough with its Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome.

The fans of Xbox One were hoping that Quantum Break would be able to make amends for them. It was a big budget, third-person game and had the elements of drama, sci-fi and suspense, in it.

The title was supposed to be half TV show and half video game, and while this was expected to be the USP of Quantum Break, it became the first thing that the players critiqued about.

The gameplay with its part TV show feature was said to be disjointed. Forbes reported that the game didn’t have a good pace to make the whole thing interesting and the entire appeal wasn’t that impressive. Quantum Break had released last month and it hasn’t yet won over the critics.

The PC version of the game was not impressive at all and Remedy has tried to amend that with the help of a new update. Eurogamer has reported that the new patch is huge, with a size of 27GB.

In spite of its size, the patch is expected to address some of the issues and glitches that the game has been facing so far. It was becoming difficult to play Quantum Break with the stuttering frame rates, the frame spacing issue, and constant crashes on Nvidia cards.

The new patch for Quantum Break addresses the issues completely. Playing the game at 60fps is possible with the new update. The R9 390 gets the players the perfect 60fps. This was what the players expected, to be able to play the much-hyped shooting game in a smooth manner.

With a tight 60fps, the gameplay is much smoother and the controls are much responsive during the combat situations and it in fact enhances the gaming experience more than that on the console.

Quantum Break has an exciting plot, where the players play the role of Jack Joyce. The gameplay follows Jack as he visits his friend Paul Serene. Serene has successfully invented a machine that allows him to harness the energy of the black hole and use it to travel back and forth in time, simply by changing the direction in which the machine is turned.

However, things go horribly wrong when Paul undertakes the experiment and he is trapped in the machine, which has the potential to destroy the whole of humanity. Another important feature of Quantum Break involves the time stutter that makes the whole action stop exactly where it is, a bullet would be in mid-air if it has already been shot.

The player can then explore the scene and walk around the flying debris and move aside to avoid being injured. The different aspects of the game can be unlocked as the player advances and more tricks can be learnt to deliver even more powerful attacks.

The one thing that makes a game, an experience, is the background score and that is exactly what Petri Alanko is tasked with. He is the master composer behind Alan Wake and he has also worked on the music for Quantum Break. According to Game Sutra, Petri Alanko has gone ahead to state that it is the music of the game that connects the player with the characters and the action.