Battlefield 5 Looks Promising, Release Date for PS4, Xbox One, and PC Revealed, More Details

Battlefield and Call of Duty, the two most renowned war-torn first-person shooter franchises in the world, have been rivals for quite some time. Things have escalated to such an extent that each franchise has its own share of ardent fanboys.

A Call of Duty Infinite Warfare trailer was released recently, which soon faced a major dislike campaign on YouTube. The entire COD fanbase has been in chaos. People are sick of the same old advanced sci-fi gameplay featured in every Call of Duty game, for the last few years. On the other side of the field, it seems EA got the gist.

The Battlefield franchise is going back to its roots and after seeing the trailer, things are looking pretty promising! The upcoming game is not going to be Battlefield 5; instead, it will be named Battlefield 1. Why is there a 1 after the word Battlefield? You will never find an original game, let alone a sequel, having the number 1 beside its name. What does this signify?

The easy explanation is that it could have been easily called Battlefield 5. However, the upcoming game features a World War I setting, hence the 1. Looking from a chronological perspective, this seems quite right. Most war games till this point have featured a World War II setting. According to the recent Battlefield 1 trailer, it will have complete warfare with bi-planes, tanks and zeppelins.

The game will also feature Trench warfare, which first began in World War I. We are not sure whether it will feature horse-mounted cavalry or gas warfare. According to Telegraph, DICE has declared that this will be a great single player game.

As a result, fans really don’t need to worry. The upcoming game will try to make up for Battlefield 4 and 3 since a most war titles like Star Wars Battlefront, are heavily focused on the multiplayer option.

People, who love multiplayer, should enjoy the fact that there are 64-player matches spread across land, air and sea. There are various classes for the game like Scout, Medic, Support and Assault. It includes Pilot and Tanker, along with horseback as well. It is being expected that Battlefield 1 will release on 21st October 2016, for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

With the Early Enlister Edition, you can start playing the game from 18th October. You need to sign up in EA Insider if you wish to take part in the open beta. However, there is no word on when this beta will release.

According to Cinema Blend, there will be different bonus editions available.  For example, the PS4 already has a Hellfighter Pack, which comes with extra items for the Harlem Hellfighters, along with new maps as well.

The Harlem Hellfights DLC pack is being offered on the Xbox One. People can access the map seven days early. The digital pre-order also includes a completely free EA Access membership Month.

This game will fill in for the series rather brilliantly and the developers are quite focused on making that happen. Battlefield 1 will cover events from an alternate history of World War I. The game setting is well-rooted in world history.

Daniel Berlin, the lead designer, spoke to VentureBeat. He revealed that the game is not an alternate mix of something else and everything seen in the game is real stuff which was actually available.

All the different types of vehicles seen were all available during that time. The reveal video doesn’t shed a lot of light on full details but it has been highly praised by observers. In fact, Infinity Ward themselves, praised the video.