Oryx Killed Solo By Destiny Player In Hard Mode, How To Collect Vanguard Reputation As Fast As Possible? Let’s See!

Last week, a Destiny player managed an impossible feat by killing The Taken King, Oryx, using a Fireteam of one. On top of that, it was hard mode. You will find this player as esoterickk on Reddit.

He revealed that doing this, took him around 20 to 25 hours during the course of an entire week. He further admitted that this challenge was a major step up from doing the same task on normal mode. Another player managed to do this in December.

He contributed to the method in which Oryx could be beaten solo, in hard mode. esoterickk was one of five people who thanked him for his contribution. As a result, even if esoterickk managed it first, this was more of a team effort.

Now, a lot of you guys out there are asking how he did it. Well, keep in mind that this was only possible after a hotfix released soon after the April update for Destiny.

In hard-mode King’s Fall, the light cap available on rewards, was increased to 335 with the April update. Equipped with a 335 attack Sleeper Stimulant, Oryx could be staggered on Hard Mode. esoterickk made use of the Harrowed Smite of Merain along with the 1000 yard Stare equipped with the Triple Tap Perk in order to achieve this feat.

He was playing as a 334 Light Sunsinger Warlock. He revealed that the primary difference between normal and hard mode is mainly the speed in which you need to detonate the bombs and kill the ogres.

The light-eater Knights will emerge rapidly which means that you have less time to set the bombs off and prevent the knights from eating them. You can check out the full video here.

With the latest update, Year One weapons were refreshed and some of them are highly sought after, not to mention quite valuable as well. The LDR 500-1 Sniper Rifle can be granted in Vanguard. There is also the Shadow Price Auto Rifle along with the Swarm Heavy Machine Gun. These Legendary weapons are quite good and a lot of Destiny fans want them.

Sadly, they don’t know how to get them as fast as possible. Before you start working for Vanguard Reputation, you need to equip a Class item which should boost various Vanguard Reputation gains.

They are not very hard to find and almost all players should have one by now. Moreover, a Vanguard Reputation Booster is also available among most players. You can earn them from Sterling Treasure Boxes or by ranking up with the Factions or Vanguard. In order to increase all reputation gains, you can activate a Reputation Booster for a 2 hour increase.

Vanguard Reputation is provided by two playlists, namely, Vanguard Strikes and Vanguard Heroic Strikes. Destiny had Vanguard Streak Bonus added to it in The Taken King. According to Bungie, this increases the drops.

Gamers who stay in the playlist enjoy reputation gains without heading into orbit again. Now it is yet to be proven whether this generates better loot. However, it stacks a rep boost to a maximum of 3 times. The Vanguard Strike Playlist reputation gains are as follows:-

  • First Strike will give you 99 Vanguard points along with 45 Faction points
  • Second Strike will give you 110 Vanguard points along with 50 Faction points
  • Third Strike will give you 121 Vanguard points along with 55 Faction points

After the third strike, the bonus will stop stacking. However, if you continue to be in the playlist, you will continue receiving 121/55 points with every strike after that. In the Heroic Strike playlist, players will receive more reputation for every completion and due to streak bonus, they also stack up.