Oryx Killed Solo By Destiny Player In Hard Mode, How To Collect Vanguard Reputation As Fast As Possible? Let’s See!

They are as follows:-

  • First Strike will give you 264 Vanguard points along with 120 Faction points
  • Second Strike will give you 275 Vanguard points along with 125 Faction points
  • Third Strike will give you 285 Vanguard points along with 130 Faction points

The increased reputation gains feature is the best part of the Heroic Strikes playlist. Keep in mind that these strikes are harder and also take longer time.

Another problem is that many match-made players will decide to leave. This mainly happens since a lot of them are searching for a specific strike, for instance, the latest Taken version of Winter’s Run.

However, this problem will be lessened if players run with a Fire Team. Nightfall still remains a good source of Vanguard Reputation. You will easily earn 310 faction points and 682 Vanguard Points for completing it while the boosts were active. Before going into various playlists, the Vanguard Bounties should be picked up before they go into these playlists.

In other news, while fans are already anticipating the release of Destiny 2, it seems like the developers will take ample time developing it. Reports indicate that this sequel has been pushed back to next year.

Stay tuned for more updates on Destiny!