The Latest Update on Quantum Break Rectifies The Minor Glitches, Alanko Talks About The Musical Score, And More

Alanko has revealed that the first step to scoring the music for a game is to know every little detail about it and he did that for Quantum Break by asking innumerable numbers of questions to the developers at Remedy.

He said that he would ask them a lot of annoying questions to get as much information as he could gather. He then proceeded to create a rough recording, which would then be tested to further be polished and shaped for the final product.

Those wanting to purchase the Xbox One should go ahead and get one right now. The time is just right since Microsoft is having their Spring Sale and the prices of all their products are being reduced on shopping portals like Amazon.

Win Beta has reported that the price of a Xbox One including the 500GB console for Quantum Break is priced at $349.00. This offer also includes a $50 gift card from Amazon, apart from a Quantum Break download card. The buyers of this special bundle also get a boxed version of Halo 5 and a download code for Forza Horizon 2.

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