Goku Decides To Fight Monaka in Dragon Ball Super Episode 42, Beerus Intervene, And More!

In order to keep the costume intact, Piccolo and Vegeta soon come to Beerus’ help. Keep in mind that Beerus is stronger than Goku but the Monaka costume is disturbing for him. Now, Goku starts landing some fine blows on Beerus, who in turn, gets angry and starts attacking Goku. This alarms Whis and he wants them to stop fighting.

He tries to convince Goku that Beerus wants the fight to end. In this episode, we get to see how everyone plays their part to hide Monaka’s truth from Goku.

In the end, Yamcha decides to show Goku where the real Monaka is actually hiding.  Thankfully, Goku is naïve and thinks that Monaka, just like Buu has learned to split himself into two forms.  After this, the episode comes to an end.

Meanwhile, fans are expecting that details about the upcoming omniverse tournament will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. Is it going to be universe vs universe or fighter vs fighter?

However, fans just witnessed a tournament in Dragon Ball Super and so it would be unwise to bring another tournament immediately. In the meantime, various indications have suggested that the Planet Sadal will be visited by Vegeta.

At the moment, the show should concentrate on bringing in a new threat. That would certainly spice things up and prevent the show from getting monotonous.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dragon Ball Super!