The 100 Finale to Witness the Destruction of ALIE, Fourth Installment of the Novel is Ready for Release, More Details

The finale of The 100 is just two weeks away and there are a lot of speculations on what is going to happen in the season finale.

Inquisitr has reported that one of the survivors are going to end up sacrificing themselves to try and breach into ALIE. The artificial intelligence has been winning all the battles and the survivors will have to find a way to stop the A.I.

As had been reported earlier, The 100 will have a two-part finale called Perverse Instantiation – Part One and Perverse Instantiation – Part Two.

The title hints at the fact that the episode will show the aftermath of when an artificially intelligent entity attempts to stop something that ends up harming the human race.

The synopsis of the 15th episode reveals that there is going to be a major showdown. The survivors are going to figure out that the only way to stop ALIE will be to take out the chip. This is the only way that one can enter the world of ALIE and this is also going to end up becoming a risky venture.

There are speculations that since the fate of everyone is on the line, one of the characters will go ahead with the dangerous proposition.

When ALIE is destroyed, there are two things that could happen. It might so happen that everyone goes back to their original self or if the showrunners want some drama, then they might kill off all those who have a chip inside them.

With reports suggesting that of one of the characters risk it all for the sake of the others, there are speculations about who it would be. Bellamy is one of the few characters who has the potential for the task.

He is devoted to those he love and he is focused. Bellamy is also looking for a way to redeem himself. He had gone ahead with Piker’s plan, which caused many people to die. Lincoln was executed, something that Octavia will never forgive him for.

Jasper might be the other person who is up to this task. He has ended up seeing everything he had ever held close to himself, taken away. Jasper’s losses might have left him shaken up, but he is still very capable and his intelligence is something that makes him an ideal candidate for the job at hand.

Since it might not be an easy task getting inside ALIE, there are speculations suggesting that the person who will finally end up doing that will be Raven.

Raven has been a part of the army and she had actually come out of ALIE alive. She has her revenge to execute from ALIE and she might take it upon herself to stop the artificial intelligence.

There is a rumor that Season 4 of The 100 will see Raven take an important role and this supports the claim that she might be the one to take the chip out.

Fans have already seen Raven in action against ALIE. She finds a way into the coding of the City of Light and uses it to remove the locks on the virtual doors that have been hidden by ALIE.

ALIE thinks that it was Monty who was doing it and tries to distract the coder. Monty continues to let Raven unlock the doors and right when she discovers the kill switch, ALIE disconnects from the main frame.