The 100 Finale to Witness the Destruction of ALIE, Fourth Installment of the Novel is Ready for Release, More Details

The official synopsis of the next episode of The 100 has been revealed and it states that Clarke is likely to come across hope at a place she never thought it would be possible and Ale will see her master plan coming to fruition. The synopsis does hint at interesting developments but doesn’t reveal anything else.

Kass Morgan’s The 100 was a huge success and it is on this novel series that the popular television series has been made. The fourth book is going to be out soon and Entertainment Weekly has revealed that it is going to be called Rebellion.

The fourth instalment of The 100 will see Clarke and Bellamy fight it out to try and save their friends Octavia, Glass, and Wells. These three have been captured by religious fanatics and are now being brainwashed by them.

The book will show that the young ones are now in power. The fourth novel will open with the Earthborns, and the Colonists celebrating the first holiday together when they are suddenly attacked by an outside force.

They will be completely taken by surprise and the enemy will kill a large number of people and will also take many of them as prisoners.

The attackers have a very drastic way of survival and if Clarke and Bellamy aren’t fast enough, they might just end up losing their friends.

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