Two Demo Version Of Final Fantasy XV Win Over The Fans, Tabata Promises 200 Hours Of Gameplay, Game Set To Be Launched In September!

Tabata added that to complete the gameplay, the players will have to clock in 40 to 50 hours and there is also going to be over 40 hours of additional content that they can enjoy once they are done playing the whole game. With all the additional features and quests, the players can enjoy almost 100 hours of gameplay and these when combined with the actual game will be almost 200 hours.

The Bitbag confirmed that Final Fantasy XV is going to release on 20th September and will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are no news available on whether the game will be available on PCs. Traditional gamers are hoping that the developers shed some light on that soon.

Hajime Tabata even sat down with the fans after the live streaming at E3 to answer fan queries about Final Fantasy XV. There were some players who wanted to know if there was an option to take screenshots while playing the game and Tabata informed that the game has a camera mode that will help the players take photos.

There is, however, no way to adjust the camera distance. It moves automatically depending on how the player moves, but they are working hard to fine tune the camera controls.

He has also promised the fans that the action based battle system is going to incorporate a lot of strategy.

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