Two Demo Version Of Final Fantasy XV Win Over The Fans, Tabata Promises 200 Hours Of Gameplay, Game Set To Be Launched In September!

E3 has made the fans of Final Fantasy XV very excited. The entertainment expo gave them the much awaited news that Final Fantasy XV is in the cards and will soon be ready for release. The fans are excited since the game is backed by a huge budget, which indicates that there are going to be some very interesting features. There are players who have tried the demo version of Final Fantasy XV that was available at E3 and they cannot stop gushing about it.

Toms Guide reported on the Trial of the Titan that was available as a special mission on the occasion of E3. The players knew that Trial of the Titan was only meant for the E3 and will not be incorporated for the final game, but then this hasn’t stopped them from talking about how it should be included in the final game.

The Trial of the Titan allows the players to play as Noctis, the hero of the game. They get to control and guide him to go on a quest that involves defeating massive titans. The battle might be a difficult one, and some players have complained about it being a little bit chaotic, but ultimately it is a satisfying experience to defeat the mighty titans.

The demo game for Final Fantasy XV has a background story that is revealed at the start of the game. There is some sort of a war between the countries of Niflheim and Lucis. The players noted that unlike the earlier version of the game, the battle here is at real time and this gives the players the ability to run around and dodge weapons. The players even get the opportunity to warp from one place to another.

The gameplay involves Noctis and his friend Gladiolus fighting against a group of soldiers, who belong to the enemy. The players can take the help of different types of weapons, one of which included an ice spell, Blizzara. While Blizzara does take some time to recharge, it has become the favorite of most of the players who have tried demo of Final Fantasy XV.

The players who have been playing Final Fantasy believe that the franchise usually tries to find a balance between matter and show. While some of the games don’t really work well when it comes to matter, they are of the opinion that if the gameplay of Final Fantasy XV has anything similar to that in the demo then the players are in for a treat.

E3 saw Final Fantasy XV release two demo versions for the game. One for the PS4 version and the other for PSVR. There are players who feel that the PS4 demo was more interesting than the one on PSVR.

The one on PSVR was simply a demo of what the fans can expect from the Final Fantasy XV while using the VR while the one of PS4 was the sample of what the fans can expect in the game.

Final Fantasy has always been the one to pack in a lot of interesting features within the game. From what the demo game in the franchise looks like, it is the same for Final Fantasy XV as well. Square Enix’s game director for Final Fantasy, Hajime Tabata has confirmed that the gameplay will include 200 hours of gameplay that will include quests and endgame content.