Ghost Recon Wildlands Is a Massive Game with Enormous Scope, Gamers Can Start Saving Bolivia with Their Friends!

The Ghost Recon franchise is being taken to a new open-world direction by Ghost Recon: Wildlands. In this game, the Ghosts are located in Bolivia and they are planning to bring destruction upon the El Sueno drug empire. In order to do that, El Sueno’s operation needs to be taken down, part by part and his lieutenants need to be hit hard.

This clearly means that you can use anything at your disposal and handle situations in any way you want. The game spans over 11 complete environments and you can plan your attacks on El Sueno. You can use 60 different vehicles, a range of new weapons and also use the time of day to your advantage.

The way Ubisoft presented Ghost Recon: Wildlands on-stage at E3, it seemed like they were being too serious and using a hard tactical angle in gameplay. The game can be easily played that way. The game allows cooperative play, drop-in and drop-out for four different players.

Moreover, the game progressions are shared between online-play and single-player campaign. You will generate the perfect Ghost Recon: Wildlands experience if you have a really hardcore group of buddies.

In the first mission, you have to interrogate a low level criminal-boss and search for information after dispatching his bodyguards.  After that, your team needs to search a compound and acquire that information.

With the release of Wildlands, the entire Ghost Recon franchise will be going through a lot of new changes. The game was first announced in E3 2015 and it takes place in a vast open-world area, featured in Bolivia. The country has turned into the leading cocaine producer of the world and the imaginary Santa Blanca drug cartel is running this freak-show.

A new cinematic trailer with lots of gameplay was shown by Ubisoft in E3. You may not know that this is the 10th installment in the Ghost Recon series and is also the first one, to feature an open-world setting. The game is set in Bolivia and in a not-too-distant future like the previous game.

Players can make use of a wide variety of vehicles, which includes dune buggies and dirt bikes. They can explore nine-different types of terrain. You need to take down the Santa Blanca drug cartel but as E3 gameplay footage revealed that there are multiple ways in which you can tackle every mission.

Three different waypoints where shown in the trailer, a close quarter job with a stealth and stab approach, a long range job using parachute and sniper and a go-in guns blazing approach.  The new open world setting will complement this type of gameplay.

The terrains include mountains, deserts and jungles and each of them come with their own day-night cycles and weather patterns.  You can make your way across the landscape using different types of vehicles.

The game also includes side-missions, which is a series first. Ubisoft further revealed that there will be hundreds of landmarks and towns that can be discovered all over the map along with various customization options for gear, weapons and looks.

A game also brings a co-op multiplayer aspect since players can drop in and out of your team. If you don’t want to play online, you can simply opt to play it with AI.

While a lot of things are different, Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ third-person shooting looks quite similar to its predecessor. You crouch-run into walls, sniper people stealthily and do your best to be professional when things go wrong.

One of the major strong points of this game is the r-player co-op experience which should introduce a lot of tactical play in an incredibly massive world. The entire world can be navigated with bikes, cars and helicopters among others.