Ghost Recon Wildlands Is a Massive Game with Enormous Scope, Gamers Can Start Saving Bolivia with Their Friends!

You can work together with your friends to take down targets and execute plans while going through dirt-roads and stealthily making your way through mountains. Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a multiplayer game with a single-player feeling while allowing the execution of multiple headshots. On the plus side, if any of your three friends mess up, you can start shouting at any one or all of them!

The game seems to execute all mechanics in a smooth and flawless manner. There is a familiar nature in the cover based tactical shooting but Wildlands does it in a fantastic way. The action has weightage and will satisfy you while the enemies start collapsing under your gunfire.

Even while entering a heavily-guarded compound, you can accomplish your objective in a variety of ways but it all comes down to that single encounter, in the end. The game is visually quite fantastic and the gigantic world should be chock-full of main and side missions.

According to Esat Dedezade of PC Authority, there was a lot of screen-tearing while flying above scrublands using a helicopter. Things like these should be fixed once the final game releases.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ghost Recon: Wildlands!