Fallout 4 Set to Receive Three More DLCs, Contraptions Workshop to Release On June 21, Sneak Peeks into The Other Two Expansion Packs!

Fallout 4 was released during the ending months of the previous year and it has gone on to become one of the most successful games from the house of Bethesda. Several DLCs for the game has already been rolled out by the developers for the game and reports indicate that the game will receive a number of more expansion packs.

In the past, the game had received three DLCs, they being- Automatron, Wasteland Workshop and Far Harbor. Now, Bethesda has announced that three more DLCs will be rolled out for the game. They are- Contraptions Workshop, Vault-Tec Workshop and Nuka World.

Contraptions Workshop will be dropped by Bethesda within the ongoing month. It will release on June 21. In this DLC, players will be able to build some complex machines which can be used in their settlements.

Reports state that players will get the chance to build an elevator in the DLC. Also buildable will be a greenhouse. That apart, they will also be able to craft new weapons in the upcoming expansion pack.

As for the Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, players will be allowed to build up their own nuclear bunker in this expansion pack. The inhabitants of the bunker will be customizable by the players. They will also be able to train them as per choice. This particular DLC will roll out in the oncoming month. Both of these DLCs will arrive with a price tag of $4.99.

Nuka World is going to be the biggest DLC among all the three. It will most likely arrive in the month of August. It will be a story-based DLC and new weapons, missions, characters and enemies will get incorporated into the game through this expansion pack.

Nuka World is essentially the name of a huge amusement park, that will be the focus of this DLC. The once thriving amusement park has now become the home to criminals and raiders. The description of the DLC stated- “Explore an all-new region with an open wasteland and park zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom and the Galactic Zone. Nuka-World features new quests, Raiders, weapons, creatures and more. Enjoy the ride!”

In this expansion pack, players will be able to do some dark things and they will be able forced to question their actions themselves. From the description itself, it seems that the player will be playing a negative role in the DLC.

The DLC is likely to induce a breath of fresh air into the game. Players have been playing the role of a good guy for a long period of time. However, if indeed the Nuka World DLC allows them to become the bad guy for once, it will definitely be quite refreshing for everyone.

Some fans of the game state that the Nuka World amusement park has been created by taking inspirations from the Hershey Park located in Pennsylvania. They were reportedly able to locate a Whack-a-mole machine in the game files. However, it is not known whether players will actually be able to use the machine in the game or not.

It was also revealed by Pete Hines that Nuka World will comprise of a brand new faction. However, he abstained from divulging any details regarding the matter. He also stated that it is the last planned DLC for Fallout 4.

Since both the Workshop DLCs are set to release in June and July, an August release date for Nuka World seems logical at this point in time. However, Bethesda is yet to provide confirmation regarding the matter. It will arrive with a price tag of $19.99.