New Roster Picks Announced for WWE 2K17 Through Artist’s Painting, 2K Needs To Improve This Title in A Big Way!

WWE 2K17’s three new members for the upcoming roster was announced in E3. However, they were not revealed during a press conference or a livestream, like most other E3 titles. Instead, an artist painted portraits of Ultimate Warrior, John Cena along with Legit Boss Sasha Banks. However, it is no surprise that these superstars made it into the roster of WWE 2K17.

All of them are quite famous and Cena is one of the most famous WWE superstars. Banks is a top competitor among women while Ultimate Warrior is one of the most respected wrestlers in WWE. The painting is incredible and it was definitely a great deal to announce them in this way.

The image sent by 2K was painted by Rob Schamberger and this is also not the first time when he created artwork featuring the WWE superstars. Earlier, his artwork has helped raise money for charities and was also available for purchase as t-shirts and prints in the WWE shop. One of his excellent paintings is the one he did for New Day.

WWE 2K17 came with a trailer which further confirmed Goldberg’s existence in the upcoming game. Anyone who pre-orders the game will get two versions of playable characters for Goldberg. At the same time, you will get two WCW arenas. Besides WWE 2K17, there were other 2K games presented at E3. This includes Sid Meier’s Civilization VI and Mafia III.

With WWE 2K16, we saw the biggest roster of any WWE video game title till now. However, it was devoid of the Four Horsewomen of NXT. Sasha Banks has now been confirmed to be a playable character in this upcoming game. You can pretty much guess that the remaining horsewomen will be Bayley, Charlotte and Becky Lynch.

After the revelation of John Cena, Sasha Banks and Ultimate Warrior being a part of WWE 2K17 roster, the number of known characters for this game has been increased to four. We already know that gamers, who pre-order this title, will get Goldberg as a playable character.

Sting was the preorder bonus of WWE 2K15 and similar to that, gamers who pre-order WWE 2K17, will get WCW’s black trunk version of Goldberg along with WWE’s black and white trunks version of Goldberg. Gamers who pre-order this title will also receive a couple of retro WCW arenas, namely Halloween Havoc and WCW Nitro.

Besides these, we don’t know much about WWE 2K17 except for an unconfirmed release date by the fall of this year. At the same time, it seems like 2K is planning to introduce a major nostalgia element in this game and there is a possibility of more WCW characters releasing for this title.

It is possible that we could see the prominently featured Monday Night War between WWE and WCW. Fans are looking forward to a few more characters being added in WWE 2K17. These include Shinsuke Nakamura, Samoa Joe and Austin Aries. WWE 2K17 is starting to look like an even bigger title than its predecessor and the roster is quite far from being completed.

Meanwhile, you may not have heard about Rob Schamberger but if you love pro-wrestling and good artwork, this is somebody you have definitely heard of.

He gained popularity due to his artistic takes on WWE Superstars taken from the past as well as present. You will find his work featured on and also promoted in Canvas 2 Canvas, a YouTube series.

WWE partnered up with 2K Sports and Schamberger to introduce the first members of the upcoming WWE 2K17 rosters. Rob was at the South Hall of Los Angeles Convention Center in 2K booth #1601 in the Electronic Entertainment Expo.