New Roster Picks Announced for WWE 2K17 Through Artist’s Painting, 2K Needs To Improve This Title in A Big Way!

The new roster inclusions were painted on a huge canvas and fans gladly watched how his creations took form. It is an old concept to reveal roster members but there hasn’t been a time when a painter was used to release this information. It is more unique since the process took place live at E3, in front of live audience.

Other than interesting ways of bringing out roster reveals, a lot of new improvements are needed in WWE 2K17. First of all, the graphics needs a complete overhaul. It seems like the WWE titles are using the same foundation that grounded this franchise 10 years ago.

For instance, the hair doesn’t look natural and it simply sits on the heads of characters instead of flowing in a realistic manner. In WWE 2K16, a lot of characters didn’t look good at all. They need to look more like humans instead of zombies.

There is no excuse for this and WWE needs to improve it ASAP. Meanwhile, gamers are disappointed when performers who have been on WWE for months, are not included in the titles released by 2K. This needs to be improved as well.

Stay tuned for more updates on WWE 2K17!