Transformers: Two More Transformers Films Coming Soon, Gigantic Robot Unicorn Might Be the Antagonist of Transformers 5!

The film will reportedly feature a robot which will be of the size of an entire planet. This massive robot has been named Unicron and it might be the main antagonist of the upcoming movie.

The gigantic robot made its first appearance in an animated Transformers movie back in 1986. In the movie, Unicron was portrayed as a villainous robot who craved for the destruction of planets.

The menacing robot has a constant hunger for energy which it draws from planets, destroying them in the process. There has been no confirmation regarding the matter from the filmmakers yet.

In a recent interview, director Michael Bay was asked to shed some light on the matter. However, Bay abstained from revealing any details related to the upcoming film. He is of the opinion that lesser amount of teasing will be beneficial for the movie.

The filmmakers will start the filming process of the film in May 2016. Michael Bay has given confirmation to the fact that the filming of Transformers 5 will begin in Chicago.

Stay tuned for more update on Transformers.