Adam Lambert: Insures His Voice, Collaborating with Queen, Has His Share Of Controversies!

Adam Lambert has gone ahead and insured his voice in 2012. The runner-up of the eighth season of The American Idol said that his voice was his source of livelihood and it is what makes sure that he is able to pay the bills, therefore, he has to make sure that it is insured. He even referred to Jennifer Lopez and said that if she could insure her derriere then he could do the same for his voice.

According to The National, Adam Lambert has spent $48 million to get his voice insured. This move was taken after Adam Lambert was named as the highest earning alumni of American Idol by Forbes in 2012. He decided that he needs to protect the one thing that helps him earn over $10 million every year on an average.

Adam Lambert is on fire these days. He went on his third solo tour on the eve of New Years and even before the tour could end, there is news that Lambert is going to go for a toned down version of his Original High Tour at the RedFest DXB.

Adam Lambert is going to collaborate with Queen in June for the Isle of Wight Festival. Adam Lambert had previously gone on tour with Queen – Roger Taylor and Brian May and he couldn’t have been more excited about the prospect of coming together with them again.

Lambert said that it was a privilege performing alongside Queen. He couldn’t believe how kind and considerate they were and would give him complete control over his choice of songs.

This will be the third time that Adam Lambert is teaming up with Queen for a tour. The singer will tour over 15 venues in Europe over the course of the summer with the band.

Even though Lambert is not a novice when it comes to performing with Queen, he is still excited since it means a lot to be able to share the stage with such a popular band and get to give a new life to their original numbers.

TV3 reported that Brian May from Queen is looking forward to collaborating with Adam Lambert for the June festival and he is keen on seeing how the singer has created a new rendition of their original tracks. May also added that late Freddie Mercury would have loved how Adam Lambert adds a new lease of life to their songs.

Queen is one of the most iconic bands and they feel that Adam Lambert gives them a fresh new feel that helps them connect with the audience of the time. Brian May has said that the Isle of Wight Festival was long overdue for Queen and they are hoping that the band can stand up for the challenge on the stage.

Everything is not perfect for Adam Lambert though. He has had his share of controversies and the latest was when more than 20,000 concerned parents came forward to sign a petition against the explicit content in Lambert’s shows. This happened in the first leg of the concert on 31st December, in Singapore.

Adam Lambert was known for his eyeliners, tight leather pants and spiked hair, however, the androgynous look of the singer is quite toned down now. The first reaction to Adam Lambert and his personal style and performance was seen at the America Music Awards of 2009. There were over 1500 complaints after his performance.