Transformers: Two More Transformers Films Coming Soon, Gigantic Robot Unicorn Might Be the Antagonist of Transformers 5!

The Transformers series of films has been immensely popular all over the world. The last released film of this series was Transformers: Age of Extinction. Transformers: Age of Extinction had hit the big screen back in 2014. Rumors regarding the fifth film of the series are already starting to build up on the internet.

Amidst the various rumors related to Transformers 5, it has just been confirmed by Hasbro that three Transformers films will be released in three consecutive years starting from 2017.

The first film of the trio is obviously Transformers 5 which is scheduled for a 2017 release. It will be followed by Transformers 6 and Transformers 7 in the next two consecutive years.

The release date for Transformers 5 has already been announced by the filmmakers. It is set to zoom into the big screen on 23rd June 2017.

Even the release dates for the next two films was just announced by Hasbro. Transformers 6 is set to be released on 8th June 2018 while Transformers 7 will hit the theaters on 28th June 2019.

As for the sixth movie, it was reported that it will be focused on the immensely popular yellow colored robot of the series- Bumblebee.

It is a known fact that Michael Bay will helm the director’s chair for one last time for a Transformers film with Transformers 5. However, no information is available as of yet regarding the director or directors of Transformers 6 and Transformers 7.

Various reports suggest that Paramount is developing a shared universe between Transformers, ROM: Spaceknight, GI Joe and Mask. Fans are speculating whether the shared universe might be featured in the seventh film of series. A tie-up between GI Joe and Transformers wouldn’t be so bad after all!

A renowned website reports that the release date of Transformers 5 is set to clash with the release date of the superhero film Wonder Woman from the house of Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot is also scheduled for a June 23, 2017, release. Both the movies are huge in their own ways and it will be interesting to see which one edges past the other in the box-office battle.

Well, the saga of clashing dates continues with the sixth film of Transformers as well. Transformers 6, which is scheduled to release on June 8, 2017, will clash with another Warner Bros. biggie- Godzilla 2, which is also scheduled to release on the same date.

Coming back to Transformers 5, it has been confirmed that Mark Wahlberg who starred in Transformers 4 as Cade Yeager will return to the fifth movie to reprise his role. Michael Bay had previously on two instances wanted to back out from directing Transformers 5. However, he finally decided to direct a Transformers movie for one last time.

Michael Bay has directed every Transformers movie that has been released till date. While his work has mostly been appreciated by fans and critics, he did face a lot of criticism for the second movie in the franchise which was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

The film was released back in 2009 and Michael Bay had to face a lot of heat from fans who stated that the movie was rushed and not at par with the previous movie. The reason behind this could be accounted to the fact that Michael Bay attempted to make such a huge film in a short amount of time.

However, the veteran director came back strongly with the next two films in the series which were- Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Transformers: Age of Extinction. Both the films were massive hits in the box office.

Details related to the storyline of Transformers 5 are scarce at the moment but various rumors suggest that it might focus on Optimus Prime’s journey to find his creators and confront them. It was rumored that the film might feature lesser amounts of human components compared to the previous films.