Transformers 5 To Have a Nickelodeon Star in The Lead Role, John Sela Roped in as Cinematographer!

Screen Crush has reported that John Sela is known for his diverse work. He has not only worked in top-notch action films, but has also been the one behind Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video that had caused such a lot of controversy. With Bay and Sela coming together, Transformers 5 is going to be a treat for the cine-goers.

This will be the fifth Transformers film that Michael Bay is going to direct. He has gone on record to make it very clear that this will be the last time that he is going to work with Transformers.

He has had some memorable experiences with the franchise, but it is time to move on to other things. Even though J. J. Adams has gone on record to state that Michael Bay is the best person to direct Transformers, Bay has said that it is time for someone else to come and give the franchise a new feel.

Paramount Pictures is planning on making spin-offs and they have already planned for a spin-off with Bumblebee after Transformers 5. The work on Bumblebee is going to start right after Transformers 5 and will be spearheaded by Akiva Goldsman and his team. The studio will only have to look for a replacement for Michael Bay.

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