Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer Returns to American Horror Story Season 6, Season to Focus on Children, Two Plots Currently Under Development!

Ryan Murphy hasn’t decided on the plot for the upcoming season of American Horror Story, but he has decided to include Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer in Season 6. The series is coming out to become an anthology, with some of the old cast members being portrayed in their old roles in a new story. The show has also used the same set for different stories.

Those who watched the last season of American Horror Story would agree that the chemistry that Lady Gaga and Matt Bomer shared on screen, as Countess and Donovan, was brilliant. They clicked so well in real life, that it could be easily said that the two seemed to have gotten along well even off-screen.

Lady Gaga went on to win the Best Actress in a TV or Mini Series award at the Golden Globes this year and she thanked her co-star, Matt Bomer while accepting her award. In fact, Matt Bomer has come out to talk about his working relationship with the songstress. According to ETC Canada, Bomer revealed that he and Lady Gaga are good friends behind the camera.

Matt Bomer said that he loves working with Lady Gaga since she brings in a new level of creativity on the table. Bomer has added that Lady Gaga is one of the most intelligent person he has ever known and her intelligence is matched by the good heart that she possesses.

Given the kind of chemistry the two shared in American Horror Story Season 5, Ryan Murphy might have decided to cast them in Season 6 in order to recreate the same charm of Hotel.

Given that many of the old actors are being brought in for Season 6 of American Horror Story, Movie News Guide has reported that there is a chance that Murphy is working on a plot that might see some of the old characters from the previous seasons. Ecumenical News reported that Wes Bentley, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare and some others have been asked to join Season 6.

When Lady Gaga was roped in for American Horror Story Season 5, there was a general feeling that she would be the typical pop star and there were many who were intimidated by her presence. However, Lady Gaga turned out to be nothing like a spoilt diva. She was friendly and would continuously strive to give a better performance.

According to Enstarz, Denis O’Hare wasn’t sure about Lady Gaga when he started working with her for the first time. American Horror Story Season 5: Hotel, was Lady Gaga’s first step into the world of acting. She had previously been known for her singing prowess and the cast members were skeptical about her acting skills.

O’Hare spoke about his initial response, stating that he would come to the set in the first few days with a lot of apprehensions. He didn’t know what to think of Lady Gaga and didn’t know how she would behave on the set and what kind of energy she would bring, but then he was pleasantly surprised to find that Lady Gaga became one with the other co-stars in no time and changed all their apprehensions.

O’Hare said that Lady Gaga was really cool and she would mingle with everyone in spite of being so famous and brought out her fierceness and passion in every shot that she gave.

Ryan Murphy is being very secretive about the upcoming season of American Horror Story. Fans are waiting for the official subtitle for the season as that will hint towards the story.