Transformers 5 To Have a Nickelodeon Star in The Lead Role, John Sela Roped in as Cinematographer!

Mark Wahlberg was the only known cast member for Transformers 5. He had confirmed his presence in the movie long before it was even confirmed by Paramount. Now with the story for Transformers 5 taking shape, Michael Bay seems to have found the actor he wants to cast as the female lead. Flickering Myth has reported that Isabela Moner, from 100 Things to Do Before High School, has been considered to join Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 5.

Isabela Moner is going to play the role of Izabella, who is a tomboy. Having grown up in an orphanage and raised by foster parents, Izabella is a street-smart kid, who considered a small Transformers as her only true friend. She is going to meet Cade Yeager (Wahlberg) and embark on an adventure with him and the other mighty Transformers.

Isabela Moner is a popular Nickelodeon star. Nickelodeon is managed by Viacom, the partner company of Paramount Pictures. There are reports suggesting that the 14-year-old star is being pursued for the lead role in Transformers 5, but there have been no confirmation on this from the studio.

Given that Viacom owns both Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon, it looks like Isabela Moner will land the lead role. It is interesting to note that Transformers 5 is breaking away from the traditional habit of making male leads, which saw Shia LeBeouf and then Mark Wahlberg. Isabela Moner, if she is cast in Transformers 5, will not only be the first female lead in the franchise, but will also be the youngest.

Cinema Blend has reported that with Izabella, as the female lead in Transformers 5, Paramount Pictures is trying to attract the younger girl audience for the film, which it has previously not enjoyed. With the whole universe that Paramount Pictures has created, with Optimus Prime and the other Autobots, a female lead will make sure that the charm of the franchise remains and will also help it grow in the future.

Transformers 5 is being scripted by noted writers like Ken Nolan, Art Marcum and Jeff Pinker, to name a few. The whole writing process is being looked over by Oscar winning scriptwriter, Akiva Goldsman. Paramount Pictures has realized that they will need to recreate the magic of Transformers 4: Age of Extinction and hence have brought in Akiva Goldsman and then Michael Bay to create magic.

Akiva Goldsman has decided to delve deep into the universe of the Transformers to find out stories that have never been dealt with. Hasbro has created a rich universe that has a vast number stories. There are some rumors that hint at the possibility of a major fight between Optimus Prime and Unicron in the upcoming film.

Optimus Prime is going to head to outer space to try and convince the Quintessons to not destroy earth and the human race. It is rumored that the Quintessons are being forced to attack earth by the Unicron.

The Unicron is a powerful being that gets its power from sucking out the energy from stars and planets. It usually attacks a planet and either gets it to agree to complete allegiance or destroys it to consume the energy.

In order to bring the action packed sequences to life, Paramount Pictures has decided to rope in cinematographer John Sela for Transformers 5. John Sela is the cinematographer for John Wick and he had been credited with bringing to life some brilliant action sequences. Apart from John Wick, John Sela has been the cinematographer for films like A Good Day to Die Hard and Max Payne.