Gisoni Reveals Her Decision to Leave Dance Moms with Her Daughters, Chloe Lukasiak Talks About Her New Studio, And More

Maddie Ziegler’s mother, Melissa Gisoni has finally revealed her decision to take her daughters out of the hit Lifetime reality dance series, Dance Moms. Fans had already been aware of this, but then Dance Moms Season 6 episode 15 finally showed Melissa Gisoni speak out about her decision to quit the show with her two daughters, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler.

Radar Online has reported that while some of the other moms knew that this decision was coming, others felt that it was too drastic and also a little too soon. Maddie Ziegler has made a start in Hollywood and has a prospective career in the film industry. The young dancer has also been asked to become the youngest judge in Fox’s kiddie version of So You Think You Can Dance.

Maddie Ziegler has been away from the major part of Dance Moms Season 6 since she was shooting for her first film venture, The Book of Henry. When she did return to Dance Moms, Maddie Ziegler didn’t seem too interested in dancing and newcomer, Brynn Rumfallo seemed to be stealing the show.

Maddie Ziegler had always been a favorite of ALDC coach Abby Lee Miller, but she seemed to be losing her favor since Miller felt that Maddie wasn’t prioritizing her dance anymore.

Ziegler couldn’t be blamed, since she has made quite an entry into the world of acting and is slated to appear in Sia’s next project called Sister. Given her busy schedule, it would have been difficult for the talented dancer to focus on dance competitions and the reality show. News Everyday has reported that it was a good decision to pull Maddie Ziegler out of Dance Moms since she had better things to focus on.

Gisoni’s decision to leave Dance Moms was also because she isn’t very confident about Abby Lee Miller. The dance coach has been struggling in her personal life, with regard to a fraud case. Abby Lee Miller has been charged with false bankruptcy declaration and might go behind the bar if she is proved guilty of the charges.

Abby Lee Miller doesn’t seem to be in her elements recently and has been skipping classes and missing the dance competitions where her students have been performing. Maddie Ziegler has been training under Abby Lee Miller ever since she was eight years old and she does owe all her dancing talent to Miller. However, given the recent turn of events, Melissa Gisoni isn’t ready to jeopardize her daughters’ dancing career and has decided to take them out of the show.

Melissa Gisoni isn’t very happy with the way Abby Lee Miller has been giving her younger daughter, Mackenzie, safe dance routines. In the latest episode of Dance Moms, Miller gave Brynn Rumfallo and JoJo Siwa hip-hop routines while Mackenzie was given an acrobatic routine, when she is amazing at hip-hop.

In the upcoming episode, fans will see Mackenzie Ziegler fighting with Abby Lee Miller to make sure that she gets what she deserves. The tension with Brynn Rumfallo is already on a high given that she has quickly become Miller’s favorite and the tension is going to continue with Brynn copying Siwa’s signature style.

Dance Moms had already shown that Abby Lee Miller is starting to focus on her young team. There is one dancer who is shining and is being considered to be the new Maddie Ziegler. Alexus Oladi, is an eight-year-old, who has been dancing since she was three years of age and has already won the national title four times.