Criminal Minds Season 11 Finale Will See Frances Fisher in The Role of an UnSub, Hotch Charged for Conspiracy, Aisha Tyler Divorces Husband, And More!

The season finale of Criminal Minds Season 11 is approaching and this has got the fans super excited. Erica Messer, the showrunner of Criminal Minds Season 11 had already revealed that the team has something grand planned for the finale.

For starter, fans are going to see Frances Fisher star as Antonia Slade, a notorious serial killer, who was put away fifteen years ago by Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin).

Ecumenical News reported that Erica Messer had been very excited about the prospect of having Frances Fisher on board for the finale of Criminal Minds Season 11. Messer and her team had been trying to get Fisher on board, but it wasn’t working out and finally they could work things out. Finally, Fisher was onboard to play the role of UnSub Antonia Slade and star in this epic plot.

The trailer for the upcoming episode of Criminal Minds Season 11 has been released and it shows an old woman being transported and then talking about two missing boys from inside her prison.

The scene cuts to two boys, one of whom is visibly sick and is tended by the other. Dr. Lewis (Aisha Tyler) is then seen telling Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) that Slade is the one orchestrating the whole episode with the boys from behind her cell.

The Behavioral Analysis Unit of FBI is going to find themselves facing Slade, who had been put behind bars by one of their own team members. They will realize that she is again up to something and will require the help of Dr. Lewis, if they want to save the life of the two boys. When Slade is asked if the boys are alive, she tells the BAU that they are, but not for very long.

Slade seems to want something in return from the BAU and Hotch feels that they should give her whatever she wants in return for the security of the two boys that she has abducted. As reported by TV Line, the episode is going to be dark and creepy and Fisher is going to be brilliant as Antonia Slade.

The previous episode had shown the BAU dealing with an UnSub who had been subjected to a terrible foster home and they find themselves heading in the same direction for the current case that they have at hand. This time the UnSub makes use of the abusive foster homes to feed her compulsion.

Slade refuses to speak to anyone from the BAU except Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and she warns him of a storm that is coming their way. This is a hint that something huge is going to happen in the final episode of Criminal Minds Season 11.

There are reports suggesting that Hotch will find himself in a soup when a SWAT team charges him for conspiracy. The BAU will have to go all out to prove his innocence.

The last episode saw Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) leave the team. The team is already devastated without him. Even though Paget Brewster’s Emily Prentiss did provide some solace to her former team members, they will be again shaken up by the charges against Hotch.

Criminal Minds Season 11 is known for exciting cases. The previous episode saw the BAU dealing with an UnSub who purposely transformed the faces of the victims because he found it beautiful.

In one of the scenes the UnSub is heard telling the victim that no one would love her the way he did. Rossi on the other hand, had an awkward encounter with his wife, after learning that she had kept their daughter hidden from him for almost 30 years.