GTA 6’s Map Currently Under Development, to Be Based In Las Vegas Or Bogota, Expected to Release on the Xbox Two and PlayStation 5!

Rumors regarding the next installment of Grand Theft Auto game, that is GTA 6 have been doing rounds on the internet for quite some time. Fresh reports pertaining to it suggest that the developers have already finished creating the gameplay map for the game.

Rockstar had in the past come forward with an announcement in which the company stated that the developers will create the map for the game before they head onto other aspects related to it. In that context, the latest rumors do seem logical.

It was also previously reported that the development process of the game had already begun. At the current moment the developers are reportedly on the lookout for a technical scriptwriter for the game. Apparently, they are seeking application from eligible candidates for the post. This is a clear indication that the developers are moving forward to the development of the story for the game.

The development process of GTA 6 is moving forward at quite a pace. However, it will be sometime before it is complete and the game is rolled out which is unlikely to happen before a period of three years.

Former President of Rockstar North, Leslie Benzies while talking about the game in the past had stated- “We’ve got about 45 years’ worth of ideas we want to do. We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas.”

Various reports also suggest that Las Vegas or Bogota might be the location for the game. However, Rockstar has been extremely tight-lipped regarding the mater.

Some rumors regarding the game that were that were circulating around the internet in the past claimed that Rockstar once considered Tokyo to be the location for GTA 6. However, the developers reportedly ditched the idea due to some issues that would spring up if the game was to be set in Tokyo.

Apparently, the developers would face quite a few problems if they wanted to take the game outside USA. Moreover, the road system of Tokyo is not the exactly fitting to be incorporated into a game.

Rumors have it that Rockstar even sent out scouting teams to the city in Japan to gather necessary information required for it to be incorporated into a map for a GTA game. This happened around the time when GTA: Vice City was released.

Take-Two Interactive even filed a trademark back in December 2003 to base a GTA game in Tokyo.

At that point in time, Rockstar was quite serious about the idea. However, as problems began to spring up, the developers were forced to do away with the idea.

Some older rumors regarding GTA 6 suggested that the entire map of United States will be incorporated into as the gameplay map. However, since the rumor failed to obtain an official seal, it fizzled out after some time.

At the moment, Las Vegas is a strong contender for the map of the game. Some parts of the city were included in a previous game of the series- GTA: San Andreas. However, if indeed it is included in GTA 6, it will most definitely be more elaborate and detailed compared to the one in GTA: San Andreas.

Some other rumors surrounding the game claim that it will come with the support for Virtual Reality (VR). VR is fast becoming a common thing in today’s world and by the time GTA 6 will be rolled out, the technology will be well tested and tried.

By then a number of other games would have been released which would have the support for VR. So it is most likely for Rockstar to do the same with GTA 6 to keep up with the trend. If indeed the game comes with a VR support, it will be the first one in the GTA series to have that feature.

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  1. What ever rumours do end up transpiring to be true, I think as gamers we will be treated to an epic evolution of the GTA franchise yet again. The idea of travelling between the 3 original cities would be awesome.

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