Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer Returns to American Horror Story Season 6, Season to Focus on Children, Two Plots Currently Under Development!

At the PaleyFest, Ryan Murphy had revealed that the season will focus on children. He said that there is something about the innocence of children that always works for the horror genre. While this has hinted at some aspect of the premise, Murphy has been tight-lipped about stating anything further.

There are two plots that are being worked on simultaneously. There are no scoops on what the two plots are, but there is one thing that viewers can be assured of and that is that each of them will deal with children.

While some speculated that one of the plots will deal with an orphanage, others claimed that it will deal with a boarding school. The plot that comes out best, will be adapted into the final plot for the series.

With children being the primary focus for American Horror Story Season 6, there are some speculations about the settings. An orphanage or a haunted playground were some of the top picks for the setting for American Horror Story Season 6.

Viewers of American Horror Story will remember that Will Drake and John Lowe sent their children to a boarding school in the previous season and this story might be taken forward to create another horrifying plot.

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