Transformers 5: Michael Bay Confirms That He Will Direct the Movie, Mark Wahlberg Set to Reprise His Role!

When it comes to the script of the movie, possibility of a G.I. Joe-Transformers crossover is on the cards according to the latest rumors. AkivaGoldsmans, the lead writer of Transformers 5 is also tasked with writing for the next installments of G.I. Joe which has sparked the rumors that fans might see a crossover of the two franchises in Transformers 5.

The fifth edition of Transformers will reportedly contain two storylines, one which will focus on Optimus Prime’s journey to space to confront his “creators” and the other will focus on Cade Yaegar and the rest of the Autobots on Earth. A new Decepticon threat that arises on Earth will force Yaegar to once again team up with the Autobots and stand against it.

The Quintessons are being rumored to be the “creators” and they are also going to be the main antagonists of the movie.

Akiva Goldsmans recently stated in an interview that Transformers 5 will open the door for some possible future sequels to the movie. It may also be the starting point of crossovers with some other franchises.

An animated movie might also be made which will serve as a prequel highlighting the early life of the Transformers on Cybertron before the planet was engulfed in civil war which finally destroyed the planet.

Stay tuned for more update on Transformers 5.