Transformers 5: Michael Bay Confirms That He Will Direct the Movie, Mark Wahlberg Set to Reprise His Role!

Transformers 5 is going to be the fifth iteration in the immensely popular Transformers movie franchise which began its journey back in 2007. All the four films have been directed by Michael Bay and the renowned director just gave confirmation that he is coming back to helm the director’s chair for Transformers 5.

In an interview with Rolling Stones, he stated that that he would be directing the fifth installment of Transformers movie. He further added that it has been a lot of fun for him to direct a movie which will be seen by 100 million people. Saying that, he also mentioned that this was going to be the last Transformers movie that he is going to direct.

However, fans should keep in mind that he said the same when he was directing the third film of the series which was- Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He repeated the same lines before directing the fourth film- Transformers: Age of Extinction and yet here he is confirming that he will be directing Transformers 5.

Michael Bay stated at the interview that J.J. Abrams was of the opinion that Bay was the only one capable of directing films of such a huge franchise, but he himself believes that it is time for him to move on after directing one final film for the series.

Bay’s words are making it clear that the director is intending on moving on to other ventures apart from Transformers. After finishing off with Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Bay came up with another hit movie Pain and Gain which is loosely based on a story published by Pete Collins back in 1999 in Miami New Times. Pain and Gain Starred Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie in a lead role.

Pain and gain Star Mark Wahlberg went on to work with Bay once again in the next Transformers movie- Transformers: Age of Extinction, in which he starred in a lead role. Bay is currently busy with the post-production activities of the next iteration of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which will be produced by him.

In other news regarding Transformers 5, it has been confirmed that Mark Wahlberg is back on board for another edition of Transformers movie. The confirmation came from the actor himself in an interview with CinePop.

He will be back to reprise his role of Cade Yaegar, a widower with a knack for inventing quirky things. Wahlberg dawned the character of Cade Yaegar in Transformers: Age of Extinction and it was his character who repaired Optimus Prime after he was somewhat damaged.

Rumors are doing rounds that another renowned face that appeared in previous Transformers movies is set to make a comeback to the franchise with the Transformers 5. Megan Fox, who previously starred in the first two films of the franchise will reportedly be back to the world of Autobots and Decepticons with the fifth film of the franchise.

Apparently, the actress had a tiff with director Michael Bay which kept her from appearing in Transformers 3. Megan Fox had earlier gone on record saying that her difference with Bay has been sorted out and this further fueled the rumors of her appearing in Transformers 5.

Speculations are hot in the market with the possibility of another immensely popular actor, Dwayne Johnson being included in the cast of Transformers 5. Fans believe that the wrestler turned actor could be a perfect inclusion for a film like Transformers 5.

It is also being rumored that “Die Hard” actor Bruce Willis might also make an appearance in the movie. However, there has been no confirmation from either of the actors on the matter as of yet.