Xiaomi Mi5: Release Slated for Later this Month, Starting Price Speculated, List of Tech-Specs Yet to be Confirmed!

The Xiaomi Mi5 is definitely a device worth waiting for, especially since both the Mi3 and Mi4 were better than anticipated. The upcoming flagship device has a lot of hope associated with the brand name, and the Company CEO has gone ahead and assured the loyalists that the device is worth the wait.

Xiaomi is currently working on perfecting the user experience of the Mi5, since the hardware on all their previous devices left no scope for complaints whatsoever. Hence, the Mi5 is slated to run on an improved variant of MIUI, which is user-friendly and gets the job done.

As far as the exterior design is concerned, the Xiaomi Mi5 is slated to feature a metallic exterior with rounded corners while a fingerprint scanner is housed in the physical home button, enabling easy access while unlocking the smartphone remotely.

Initial speculations suggested that the Xiaomi Mi5 features Cloud Lightning Pay, hence, it is clear that the device features an NFC chip, which is the basic requirement of such a service. The display size of the device is currently under wraps, although, judging by the initial renders, it looks like the device will either feature a 5.0-inch or 5.2-inch display.

Standard 1,080p resolution is expected on the smartphone and it is believed that the device will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset. The Xiaomi Mi4 featured the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip, which was marketed as the perfect processor, until the imperfections started to arise.

The Snapdragon 810 has an overheating issue, which is a major problem with the Xiaomi Mi4 and the other related devices where the processor was used. Qualcomm is believed to have fixed all glitches in the Snapdragon 820, which will be used to power the Mi5.

As a result, the smartphone should technically be glitch free. However, rumors suggest that Samsung may have entered into a pact with Qualcomm to attain the sole usage rights to the Snapdragon 820 till April 2016.

This means that all smartphone manufacturers who plan on using the chip on their flagship models, will have to wait till April to get hold of the chipset. This is a very cunning move from Samsung, who in one swift step have made sure that their upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S7, enjoys an unrivalled run in the market for three months.

This should definitely give a much-needed boost to the company, who are reeling from the losses encountered by the Galaxy S6, which released last year.

Heading back to the Xiaomi Mi5, the smartphone is expected to feature 4GB of RAM, although, the built-in storage capability of the device is yet to be unveiled. Apart from the standard features, the Mi5 will also get a 16MP primary camera (although, a certain faction believes that Xiaomi could be offering a 20MP primary lens) along with an 8MP secondary lens.

The smartphone is best-suited for video chatting and capturing selfies, thanks to the immensely powerful front camera. The Mi5 also features standard connectivity options including Type-C USB.

The Xiaomi Mi5 should run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box, upgradeable to the next version of Android. Initial speculations reveal that Xiaomi plans on offering the Mi5 in three distinct colors, namely Gold, Rose Gold andSilver.

From what we hear at the moment, the Xiaomi Mi5 will be announced on January 21st, although, Xiaomi is yet to confirm these reports. The device is long overdue and it is time that Xiaomi releases the next flagship device.