GoPro Hero 5: Rumored to Sport Benchmark-Setting Features, Release Date Under Wraps!

The GoPro Hero 5 is one of the most awaited action cameras of the year, with numerous rumors circulating about the technical advancements that this camera is slated to possess. Since the initial speculations regarding the device first started coming in, numerous changes have been made to the device, which is now expected to be better than what was previously rumored.

The release date of the Hero 5 continues to elude us, since GoPro first announced its postponement citing a few major upgrades, a few months back. The device was initially rumored to release back in October 2015, although, the experts believe that such a move would have killed the sales for the Hero 4 and the LCD, which GoPro was marketing at the time.

However, the official word regarding the Hero 5 is that, numerous glitches arose during the initial process, which pushed back the release date to 2016. The company is further planning to improve the armory on the Hero 5, making the camera worthier of being subjected to the extremes.

GoPro plans on making all future devices smaller and lighter,which should enhance portability and user-friendliness.The device will weigh just over half a pound, and will be compliant with the rules and regulations of the FAA.

Rumors further indicate that the GoPro Hero 5 features drone compatibility. This might turn out to be true, since the company has been working on drones for quite a while now. GoPro has stated their claim in the multi-Billion Dollar industry and they promise to deliver superior cameras in this area too!

GoPro took control of Kolor, a 360-drgree video software vendor company based out of France, a few months ago,and with the founder of Kolor, as the new Senior Director of Immersive Media Solutions at GoPro, the company is gearing up to make some serious headway in this market.

GoPro launched their own drone-mounted camera a few weeks ago, known as the GoPro Karma, and the device was launched to solve the purpose of taking overhead shots during filming for events such as weddings and musical concerts, etc.

GoPro has been busy working on improving the waterproofing ability of their range of action cameras and the Hero 5 is expected to benefit from the advancements made. The company plans on making the Hero 5 capable of filming till depths of 60 meters underwater, which will be a remarkable feat for GoPro.

In order to turn this into reality, the company has worked on a new housing, which facilitates effortless underwater filming. To give you an insight of what the new technology could feel like, current-generation GoPro sports action cameras can film till depths of 20 meters. The GoPro Hero 5 will hence focus on underwater filming.

GoPro also plans on filming 8K videos with the Hero 5, which is a benchmark in the class of video recording, since, most high-end devices today are capable of filming 4K videos at the most. 8K videos are expected to become a part of the cinematic culture in the longer run and GoPro is expected to be the pioneer in this regard!

The GoPro Hero 5 is slated to feature a dual-lens setup,capable of filming 3D images and video. 3D photography and videography made it to the limelight in 2015, although, the technology did not get as much hype as initially expected. People believe that if the GoPro Hero 5 manages to highlight the benefits of the technology, it might get the required hype!