GoPro Hero 5: Rumored to Sport Benchmark-Setting Features, Release Date Under Wraps!

The GoPro Hero 5 is slated to feature a better battery,providing additional filming time.Initial rumors suggest that the Hero 5 will be able of capturing 24 hours of non-stop video on one full charge. A mighty improvement from current-generation devices!

GoPro was originally expected to launch the Hero 5 at a lower price point compared to the Hero 4, despite the numerous technological advancements in place. This hyped up the desirability quotient of the product since Day 1. GoPro is yet to announce the official pricing of the Hero 5, although, we believe it will be placed in a price bracket slightly lower than the current-generation Hero 4.

GoPro also plans on launching the Karma within the next few months and the drone-mounted camera is expected to go for around $5,000. A comprehensive review of both the Karma and the Hero 5 is awaited and we will fill you in on the details, as soon as GoPro makes the devices available off the shelf.

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