Apple Watch 2: Rumored to Feature OS2 and Additional Storage Space, No iOS or Android Support Required!

Timothy Donald ‘Tim’ Cook, CEO, Apple Inc., announced the first-generation Apple Watch on September 9 2014, but the device wasn’t available for pre-order until April 24, 2015. Within only six hours of launch, Apple received over 1 million pre-orders, 22% of which were shipped out of the US while more were shipped in June.

User reviews from various online shopping sites suggest that the Apple Watch was slow while its battery lasted for less than a day.These were the primary areas of complaint. The Apple Watch 2, which is rumoured to be announced in March 2016,is expected to fix some of these problems.

The Apple Watch 2 will run on OS2, which has advanced tetherless technology,making it less reliant on other iOS devices, allowing un-tethered emailing and messaging over Wi-Fi. The ‘more dynamic wireless chipset’ further enables the ‘Find my Apple Watch’ functionality.

Rumours suggest that Apple could be using technology borrowed from LG and Samsung for the display on the Apple Watch 2, which is to sport flexible OLED. The watch comes with a FaceTime camera while a video camera is integrated in the top bezel.

The Apple Watch 2 has 8 GB of internal storage space,and can store 2 GB of High Quality songs along with 75 MB of images.But, within the limited usable space the user must make sure to save room for the installed apps.

Apple has announced 18 hours of battery life, which they say is sufficient to last a day, although the user needs to charge the Watch 2 overnight for uninterrupted service the following day. Apple has never intended to increase the battery life of any of its products, and the Watch 2 is no different.

The Apple Watch 2 will be priced as per the variations and standards of Apple Inc., though the final pricing is yet to be confirmed. The watch will target the higher-income market segment and face intense competition from similar products by Huawei, Samsung and the other Android-powered smartwatches, with the Sony Smart Watch 3, which has GPS tracking facilities, being its biggest rival.

The Original Apple Watch lacked a quality display, a field where Apple has always excelled, but the Apple Watch 2 is rumoured to be different. The device boasts of time lapse videos along with personalised live photos and albums, so that every time you unlock the screen, a new photo is waiting for you.

The Apple Watch 2 supports native apps, which means that these apps are designed exclusively for the Apple Watch 2.Since these apps were created for a dedicated platform, it should make the device faster than its predecessor.

The Apple Watch 2 supports Siri, which gives an AI boost to manage HomeKit, Glances and Maps as well as allow direct access to your workout regimes.Siri is an important feature added to the Apple Watch 2,and it can be activated just by saying “Hey Siri”, it can set reminders, message a contact, add notes and much more.

Siri is likely to receive a performance boost thanks to Internet connectivity and processor improvements. Siri’s presence in the Apple Watch 2 is slated to be of magnanimous importance as forecasted by Apple, as the customers can use it for hands free communication and quick access.