Duck Dynasty: Robertson Family Adopts A New Boy, Rebecca Engaged To John Loflin, Kurt Angle To Star In The New Season!

The huge Duck Dynasty family recently announced that there is a new member joining their clan. Willie and Korie Robertson who already have a huge family with five kids, made it public that they have adopted a new boy.

The boy, who is 13-year-old had been living with the family since last May, but the members of the Duck Dynasty didn’t announce this news earlier because they wanted the boy to become familiar with the members before making his identity public.

It was Korie Robertson who revealed the news on her Instagram while sharing a family photo. While the name of the boy hadn’t been revealed as of now, it was mentioned that the boy is an amazing individual and the whole family is excited to have him as a part of it.

There was a lot of speculation about who the new addition in the family photographs is, when the Robertsons shared a family photo of their eldest son’s marriage as greetings for the festive season.

The Robertson’s have three kids of their own- John Luke, Sadie and Bella. The couple adopted Will when he was a baby boy. They also brought in Rebecca under their foster care ever since she came to the United States from Taiwan in 2004 as an exchange student.

With the new boy, Korie and Willie Robertson have expanded their brood to include six kids. The family photos that the couple keeps sharing reveal that the whole gang gets along very well. In spite of being from different parents and places, all six of them seem to have developed the strong bond shared by siblings.

With the boy becoming a part of the Robertson family, he has been a part of some important family occasions that have only gone to bring him closer to his new family. Korie Robertson mentioned that the new boy had been a part of their eldest son John Luke’s wedding that was a huge affair and had even walked Korie’s grandmother down the aisle on the occasion.

With the Robertson family adopting a 13-year-old kid, they have highlighted a pertinent and essential thing. There is a tendency of little babies and younger kids getting adopted said Adam Pertman, the president of the National Center on Adoption and Permanency.

He also revealed to Yahoo Parenting that the older the kid gets the more difficult it is for them to be placed at a foster home. However, with a power family like the Robertson, going forward to adopt and share their home and lives with older kids, there is a hope that the general public will start to become more open to the idea.

John Luke’s marriage in the last season of Duck Dynasty had been a huge affair and there is another wedding lined up in the show. The eldest daughter of Korie and Willie Robertson, Rebecca has announced that her boyfriend John Reed Loflin has popped the question.

Rebecca revealed to ET Online that John Reed went on his knees while the couple was out collecting sea shells in the beach. The couple enjoys sea shell hunting and Rebecca never imagined that she would pull out a shell with a shining ring inside it.

Rebecca added that John had asked his family for permission and had also informed his plan of proposing to her during the vacation, and none of them let her have any clue about it.Rebecca took to Instagram to share an adorable photograph of a scrapbook page full of doodles about the moment of proposal.