Apple Watch 2: Rumored to Feature OS2 and Additional Storage Space, No iOS or Android Support Required!

A lot of Apple loyalties requested for health sensors on the watch as its predecessor lacked their presence. Apple declared that it will not be possible to add health sensors to the watch due to space constraints and this design is likely to remain unchanged for next few years.

Tim Cook hinted during an interview that Apple might be launching a health-based device, but the Watch 2 will not have any fitness-related features.

The Apple Watch 2 would have been a better gadget if it had GPS like the other similar devices in its class. Reports suggest that even though it doesn’t support GPS,it boasts of a new Wi-Fi chip that can be used to track the device with Wi-Fi router triangulation technology, which is the primary reason behind the device functioning independently of the iPhone.

Analysts say that the addition of the GPS would be logical and would be an accurate strategy to attract the target market.Apple had taken the initiative to make the Apple Watch water resistant, rated IPX7 under IEC standard 60529,but the Apple Watch 2 is likely to feature advanced waterproofing technology.

The designing is expected to be similar to the previous generation Apple Watch, but slightly slimmer than the latter. We are eager to get our hands on the new Apple Watch 2, are you?

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