LG G5: Expected to Launch at MWC 2016, Biometric Eye Scanner and LG Mobile Payment System to be Integrated!

The LG brand name has managed to regain the trust and confidence of the customers when it comes to smartphones, in the past couple of years, thanks to their range of high-performance smartphones that offer reliability and quality.

The leap came with the LG G2, which managed to thwart all competition from the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the S5, back in 2013-14. LG had a flawed delivery and selling program too, where they chose to focus on the Asian markets first, followed by the global markets slowly, which had more negative points than positive ones.

The LG G2 was also a seriously capable smartphone, both in terms of design and performance. As a result, it turned out to be an instant hit in the market. The competitive pricing happened to be the cherry on top of the cake.

Over the years, LG has come up with some really interesting products such as the G3 and the G4. Hence, it isn’t surprising that a lot of people are waiting for the next masterpiece to arrive! The Mobile World Congress has been announced to commence on February 22nd 2016 where the major players from all around the world are slated to showcase their lineup for the year.

Hence, it is likely that LG has plans to launch the G5 at the event. Some of the big shots that are expected to be announced this year include the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Xiaomi Mi5 and a range of products fromApple, Lenovo, and the likes.

LG usually likes to launch their flagship products within the second quarter of the year, and this had been the tradition with the G3 and the G4. However, we won’t be surprised if they plan on launching the G5 within the first quarter of the year, since the competition is higher this time with the stakes even higher.

Unlike the previous years, Samsung and HTC are out to make a point, since both companies suffered massive losses last year with their flagship products failing to impress the customers. Both Samsung and HTC suffered massive losses at the expense of the Galaxy S6 and the One E9.

Samsung and HTC failed to bring a new flavor to the table with their flagships last year, since they featured old technology repackaged into a brand. As a result, the associated high asking price failed to attract the buyers resulting in both the devices failing miserably.

2016 is hence important for both the brands, who will try to impress the customers with their new offerings on the table. Hence, the competition will be much higher. Not to mention products such as the Apple iPhone 6C and he iPhone 7 gearing up for launch soon!

We will not be discussing the standard features of the LG G5 here, since we will be discussing that in our next article. This file is all about the additional features that the flagship device is rumored to flaunt.

The LG G5 is rumored to feature a Biometric Eye Scanner. Fingerprint Scanners are quite commonplace in most smartphones today and LG decided to go the extra mile for additional protection. Not that we are complaining!

Apple made the fingerprint scanner commonplace and LG could be the pioneer for biometric eye scanners in smartphones. If the rumors are to be believed, the LG G5 is slated to be one of the most secure smartphones of the year and judging by the current status, the G5 might be the safest of the lot.