LG G5: Expected to Launch at MWC 2016, Biometric Eye Scanner and LG Mobile Payment System to be Integrated!

LG has been working on improving the technology to a certain extent and the scanners are known to work from a distance of 50 cm, making hand-held operation quite effective.Experts hope that LG has better luck in implementing the eyeball scanner technology into smartphones, especially since Google’s face recognition technology was a major letdown a few years ago.

LG is also believed to be working on their own Mobile Payment getaway, much like Apple Pay and this should be effective by 2016. The Beta version of the same is to be implemented next month, following which the technology will be tested thoroughly.

LG is currently in talks with some of the major credit card companies,hence, it is possible for the plan to be delayed, especially if the negotiations do not go as planned. However, no matter what the company has is store for us, it is evident that LG is trying to penetrate into an already overcrowded market with some of the biggest players in the game. Hope they do not go bust, trying to capture a market segment instead of focusing on what’s actually important.

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