Trailer for Suits Season 6 Revealed, Will Pick Up Right Where It Was Left Off in Season 5, Mike to Stay in Prison for Quite Some Time!

Aaron revealed that Mike will be trying to help people inside the jail. He will try to provide service wherever he can. He will try to help those who are in trouble and in need of aid. Mike will be seen befriending a number of other inmates in the prison. These characters will become a significant part of Mike’s life in the future.

The promo goes back to Mike’s first days at the office and it also reflects the ways in which he has been conning people. The upcoming season will most likely see him coming face to face with the consequences of his fraudulence.

Aaron Korsh had stated in March that he was still working on penning down the first episode of Suits season 6. It has been quite some time since that statement and the episode is set to air on TV in the oncoming month. So it can be assumed that he has finished writing the episode by now.

Gabriel Macht, who plays the role of Harvey Specter in Suits recently stated that he was quite excited to see what angle is added to the story of Mike. He also added that he is equally intrigued by what will happen to Pearson Specter Litt firm going forward.

Suits Season 6 will air on the USA Network on July 13.

Stay tuned for more updates on Suits Season 6.