Better Call Saul Season 3 Spoilers Come to Light, Might Be Seen Diverting from The Breaking Bad Storyline!

Better Call Saul is an American crime drama television series that has been created by Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan. The show premiered on AMC on February 8, 2015. The second season of Better Call Saul came to an end sometime back and it has been renewed for a third season.

Bob Odenkirk, who plays the lead character of Saul recently stated that he would like to see some of Saul, during the days of Breaking Bad. The character of Saul was originally developed for Breaking Bad and was later given a standalone series.

Bob added that he would want to see the person that Saul is under that criminal lawyer persona. Series creator Peter Gould hinted towards the possibility that the story of Saul Goodman might be seen continuing even after the story of Breaking Bad has come to an end.

He stated- “I don’t think anything is predetermined. We see ‘Gene’ in Omaha, Nebraska, and to me that hints that maybe there’s more to the story after Breaking Bad, so we’ll see.” it should be mentioned here that Gene is the fake name of Saul in Omaha.

The upcoming season of Better Call Saul will focus on the character of Gus Fring. Gus Fring, as known from his days of Breaking Bad is the owner of a restaurant chain and also a drug kingpin. The character of Gus Fring is played by Giancarlo Esposito.

As for other characters of Breaking Bad series, rumors have it that Aaron Paul who played the character of Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad will be making an appearance in better call Saul season 3.

Bob Odenkirk is of the opinion that despite being a spin-off of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul has managed to establish its own identity among viewers. He also added that fans do find similarities between the two shows. However, they have also stated that the show is quite different from Breaking Bad.

He added that he wanted to see more interactions between his character and the character of Mike Ehrmantraut. The character of Mike is basically an ex-cop from Philadelphia played by Jonathan Banks. The character was seen doing a lot of dirty work for Saul in the Breaking Bad series. Odenkirk added that the interactions between Mike and Saul are always funny.

It was also reported that the upcoming season will feature the conversion of Jimmy McGill to the crooked lawyer Saul Goodman. In that context, it should be mentioned that even if Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman shows up in the next season of the show, it will most likely be during the latter half of the season.

The reason behind this is that Jesse Pinkman introduced Saul to Bryan Cranston’s Walter White when has already become the devious criminal lawyer that he is. Thus, any interaction between Saul Goodman and Jesse Pinkman will most likely happen deep into the season.

It was also revealed by Odenkirk that he will not be directing any of the episodes of the upcoming season. he will also not be penning down any material for the season. Apparently, he just wants to focus on his acting and leave the rest to the showrunners.

It was seen in the previous season that Jimmy McGill’s transformation into Saul Goodman has already kicked off. He was seen quitting his job to establish his own firm. The transformation will continue in the next season and it is likely that the process will become complete and fans will be able to witness the Saul Goodman that they found in the Breaking bad series.

Gennifer Hutchison, the co-executive producer of the show stated that a lot is derived from the tone of the character of Jimmy McGill. She added- “We started breaking it like a ‘Breaking Bad’ episode, but then we found that Better Call Saul goes faster than Breaking Bad.”

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