Tommy And Ghost Will Meet Again In Power Season 3, Tasha Wants Revenge From Ghost, Ghost Fights For His Life

Sikora hasn’t been happy with the fact that his character of Tommy has been likened to that of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. He came out to defend his character and said that Tommy is like a breath of fresh air since he does the thing openly.

He doesn’t play a game of tactic. He does things up front, and if he has to kill Ghost, he will do so right in front of his eyes.

Apart from all the revenge and schemes of killing, the flourishing romance between Ghost aka James and Angela is also going to be the focus for Power Season 3. Angela finally got to meet James’ kids. However, the meeting turns out to be a babysitting session since James needs to leave them and head to the nightclub to attend to a crisis.

As seen in the previous episode, Angela worries about how the meeting with the kids has gone when James assures that it went well. That is when Angela tries to find out what it was that caused him to leave the children when they came over for the first time. He says that it was not important.

However, fans know that terrible things are coming James’ way.

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