Tommy And Ghost Will Meet Again In Power Season 3, Tasha Wants Revenge From Ghost, Ghost Fights For His Life

The Season 3 of Power is going to be a power-packed one since things are heating up between Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and Ghost (Omari Hardwick). Season 3 kick-started with Ghost or James St. Patrick giving up his image of the drug lord and trying to settle into the normal life of a nightclub owner. However given the enemies he has already made, things aren’t going to be easy. and

Viewers of Power Season 2 saw Ghost almost on the verge of killing Kanan (Curtis Jackson), but then Kanan is going to be back for the latest season, and he is not going to let Ghost go easily. Kanan will do everything in his power to make sure Ghost’s life turns upside down, and there is a rumor of a major plot twist in the upcoming episodes.

As reported by International Business Times, Ghost not only has to deal with Kanan wreaking havoc, but also has to fight to keep himself alive. Tommy has been assigned the task of killing Ghost by Lobos, the chief of the drug cartel, and in episode 2 the viewers saw Tommy close to killing his former friend. Tommy had devised a plan to lure Ghost to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, but then he ultimately couldn’t go ahead with the plan to finish Ghost off.

Tommy is torn between his love for Holly, and the threat to his life as well as Holly’s on the other hand. He knows that if he isn’t successful in killing Ghost, Lobo and his men are going to harm him and Holly.

Tommy ends up confessing his predicament to Holly, who tries to talk him into finishing the task. She says that Tommy needs to kill Ghost for her sake.

Tommy’s hatred for Ghost has increased to such an extent that he doesn’t want to talk to him anymore, and the two are going to meet once again in Power Season 3 Episode 3.

There is a teaser for the upcoming episode that shows Ghost wondering about how things took such a nasty turn between Tommy and him, and he tells Angela (Lena Loren) that he had to choose between her and Tommy.

The upcoming episode of Power Season 3 is going to see Tasha (Naturi Naughton) trying to take his revenge from Ghost by teaming up with Tommy. Tasha has never liked raising the Ghost and her child on her own, and she is going to take things to a different level in the upcoming episodes of Power Season 3. On the other hand, Ghost will try and work on improving his night club, amidst all the threats to his life from his enemies.

Omar Hardwick spoke to Zap2It about his character and said that Ghost would not be able to accept Tasha’s revenge. He shared a strong bond with her since they have a kid.

Ghost shared a very close bond with Tasha, so when she turns against him, she has more power to hurt him than anyone else. Omar also added that things are going to get serious for Ghost in Power Season 3 since hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

There is a rumor that there is going to be death in Power Season 3. Some feel that Ghost will die in the hands of Tommy, while some feel that it is Tommy who is ultimately going to wind up dead. Inverse has reported that Tommy’s character is often associated with that of Macbeth, and he is going to suffer a similar fate.