Apple iPad Air 3 Compatible With Apple Pencil? Likely Launch March 2017, Rumors Of Cancellation

With Apple iPhones and Macbooks taking up the majority market share when it comes to Apple products, the iPad Air is often forgotten by consumers. With no hype regarding the Apple iPad Air 3, there are talks about the product getting cancelled. However now with the rumors of cancellation looming large, there is positive news that Apple might not cancel the launch of the iPad Air 3.

Yibida reported that the Apple iPad Air 3 and the Macbook Air 2016 are similar since they fall in the category of Apple Air range of products. Since there is already a rumor that the notebook variant of products from the company have an erratic future, there is a chance of both of these products being scrapped off.

Game N Guide has reported that initially there was speculation that the product was going to be launched at the WWDC 2016. Initial reports were suggesting that the Apple iPad Air 3 was going to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2016. Since there was a no-show at the WWDC 2016, new reports suggest that the iPad Air 3 is likely to be released next year.

It’s common for new Apple products are launched in September, and since no rumors are suggesting that the Apple iPad Air 3 is going to be released two months from now, it isn’t likely to be so.

In that case, Apple will bring out the Apple iPad Air 3 in March 2017. This looks like a good possibility since in 2015 Apple had launched the latest iPad in March. Chances are the same thing is going to happen with iPad Air 3.

Ecumenical News has reported that the Apple iPad Air 3 is going to be released, and there is no chance of it getting cancelled. It is common practice among retailers in America to  give discounts for Apple products once they reach their second year, since they know that the product isn’t otherwise going to be bought by consumers who are well aware that the latest product is going to be released soon.

This is exactly what is happening with the Apple iPad Air 2. Retailers are giving discounts of almost $250 for the model because they know that those buying the product wouldn’t want to buy it otherwise; they would rather wait for the Apple iPad Air 3. Since the significant discounts are being offered, the retailers have intimated that the latest iPad Air is on its way.

Consumers will get to enjoy a Smart Connector with the Smart Keyboard cover. The add-on devices that come with the Apple iPads are powered separately, and the Smart Connector is going to help them create a pathway where the devices can be powered by each other. In such a situation, the Apple Pencil can be charged with the iPad battery directly.

The Apple Pencil has captivated numerous users, especially the ones who use it for drawing. However, the only problem is that the Apple Pencil is compatible only with the iPad Pro, which is very expensive. With the new Apple iPad Air 3 coming up, there is a chance that Apple will make it compatible with the Apple Pencil.