Jamie And Claire Set To Reconcile In Outlander Season 3, Upcoming Season To Focus On Brianna, Speculation About A Death

Outlander Season 3 is going to bring Claire (Catriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) back together even if they are decades apart from each other. Maril Davis, the executive producer of The Outlander series, spoke to Entertainment Tonight and revealed that the couple is going to come together to show the degree of the consequences and the feelings involved in their separation.

Davis has made it very clear that while Outlander Season 3 is going to bring Claire and Jamie back together, it is not going to happen at the beginning of the season. Things are going to continue, and there is a chance of them coming back sometime in the future. When they meet the pathos of the separation should be evident as a lot of time would have passed since they had last met.

According to Variety, Outlander Season 3 is going to focus on Jamie’s search for his identity. He had always seen himself in a relationship with Claire, and now when she isn’t there with her, he feels lost. He feels that he has lost her forever. Even if Claire is alive, she is in the future, and there is no possibility of them meeting. For him there is no reason to survive.

This is where he needs to try and discover who he is and learn more about himself as an individual, separate and distinct from his relationship with Claire. Sam Heughan spoke about his character’s search for his real self in Outlander Season 3. He said that the upcoming season would reveal who Jamie is without Claire.

While Jamie pines for Claire, The Christian Times reported that Claire is going to have to decide if she wants to go back to Jamie. She has experienced motherhood and given birth to Brianna (Sophie Skelton), and while the decision to leave her daughter and get back to Jamie isn’t going to be an easy one, Jamie and Claire are going to be reunited in Outlander Season 3.

The love story between Claire and Jamie stands the test of time since Claire travels back and forth in time between 1945 to 1743, where her husband resides. However, this season when Claire makes the journey back to Jamie after almost two decades, she will not be prepared to witness how much Jamie had changed since the last time.

The last time they were together, they witnessed the Battle of Culloden, and they ended up murdering Jamie’s uncle, Dougal MacKenzie. Jamie even had to take Claire to the standing stones in Craigh na Dun to save her life and the life of their unborn daughter from the effects of the war.

While the show isn’t going to deal with what Jamie had gone through while Claire wasn’t there, the character is going to have a different appearance and the audience is going to realize that he had gone through a tough time in the absence of Claire.

The Outlander is based on the Voyager series by Diana Gabaldon.  She has teased that the upcoming season is going to feature three other stories apart from that of Claire and Jamie’s. Outlander Season 3 is going to focus on the story of Brianna, who is now going to become a major character.