Jamie And Claire Set To Reconcile In Outlander Season 3, Upcoming Season To Focus On Brianna, Speculation About A Death

Heughan spoke up about the farewell moment from Season 2. He said that he and Catriona were very well prepared for the scene. They knew that this would be the last time that there are going to be with each other, and that did put some amount of pressure on them. However, they had to make sure that they didn’t divulge that tension as actors since that would have caused them to tense up.

When the fans saw Jamie and Claire partying in Outlander Season 2, they were devastated. The heartbreaking moment resulted in some speculations and possible new storylines. It was reported that Outlander Season 3 is going to see a major death, and Parent Herald reported that the viewers are still waiting for some update on this matter. The rumor has it that either Jamie or Claire is set to die in Season 3, but there hasn’t been denial or confirmation on this.

There is little chance of the showrunners killing off either Jamie or Claire since they enjoy a huge fan-following, and the audience is going to stop watching the series if Outlander Season 3 decides to kill either one of them. The show works because of their intense chemistry, and the charm will die if either of them exits the show.

There is no confirmation on when the show is going to premiere next year, but Sam Heughan has revealed that Outlander Season 3 is going to start filming in the Caribbean from the coming month.

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