Titanfall 2 Confirmed By CEO Zampella, Gamers Expect a Single-Player Campaign, And More

Earlier, gamers were fine with the campaign multiplayer mode featuring a few lines of story-based radio chatter over the normal multiplayer action. However, it’s now clear that the absence of a single player campaign has hurt the perception and reputation of Titanfall. They saved quite a few bucks by not including a single-player campaign, but in the end it didn’t help much.

Gamers now expect a little more history on the creation of Titans and the day-to-day happenings of unfortunate colonists living on monster-infested planets. With its attractive FPS setting, a 5-8 hours single-player Titanfall 2 campaign would be highly interesting and engaging at the same time.

For Titanfall 2, gamers should be treated with more mechs. With their intimidating presence on the battlefield, they have a more satisfying position compared to the pilots. In the meantime, Zampella really wanted to think about changing the DLC model for the future. He wants the entire Titanfall community united through free maps.

Stay tuned for more updates on Titanfall 2!